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Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Keeping Up the Good Work

I turned 38 yesterday, which seemed surreal until it arrived. Now I feel 38. Perhaps I prefer even numbers?

Anyhow, what went on since I hit 37? I worked at NorthPoint, left NorthPoint, worked for Avery, ran out my summer spending a lot of time on the bike, some time in Montauk, and on various and sundry patios, and didn’t get a single sunburn, saw a lot of shows both comedic and musical such as Bill Burr three times, Thievery Corporation a couple of times, Hot Chip, Bjork, Interpol, Louis CK, Trans Am, and who knows who all else, went to Dallas, Austin, Las Vegas, Denver, Boulder, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and got to see a lot of friends, ended my work with Avery, had my mom in town on her way to moving to Italy for a year, stopped keeping the journal I’d kept for the past five years and started up keeping track of every restaurant meal I had (everybody needs a hobby!), booted my roommate of four and a half years, went to Japan, started working for Hearst, went to Boston, went to Barcelona and Rome, took a lot of photos that I’ll probably never get around to putting up on the web, and had a great Fourth of July weekend. I’ve often written about things that I didn’t do but wanted to, but I think 37 was a year where I did just about everything that I wanted to and it worked out great. I’m going to keep up the good work.

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